Chronicle Series

I found these diaries among the remains of a house that burned down in Nottingham in 2012. They were written on some kind of computing device that I’ve never seen before. It’s taken me a while to extract the pages from the device, and get them into a normal format.

I don’t know if they’re a work of fiction, maybe someone’s life’s work and I’m stealing from someone who died in a house fire.

Or maybe they aren’t. Maybe they’re notes from the future. I don’t know. The device was certainly futuristic enough. Some of the things these diaries describe are horrific, some of them amazing and wonderful. I don’t know if I’ll change things by publishing them, or maybe I’ll bring these things to be.

I’m not a philosopher.

There are a large number of years, I've managed to find files for over a hundred so far. I haven’t read them all myself, I've only managed to extract these few so far. I’ll be releasing them as I manage to pull them from the device, one year at a time.

I’ve looked for information about Andrew Woodmaker, the supposed author of these diaries, and I can’t find anything. Maybe I just don’t know where to look.

If they’re just a work of fiction, and I’m publishing the last work of someone that died, I’m sorry, I don’t know what your name was, and I hope you don’t mind my publishing them.

If this turns out to really be a diary from the future, I hope it can guide us to a better world.

Michael Simms



Almost two years later.

Since starting to decode these files, the world has caught up and passed the time of the start of the diaries. Some of the things mentioned have happened, some have been proven false. Is it because I published the books? Did the future change? I don't know.

So many things were so close to accurate, some of them couldn't have been known in advance and they were spot on. It's either the world's luckiest guess, or it's real, and something has changed to make the world not what it was going to be.